Cohort 10 - Dragons Den Event 2024

24 Jun 2024

Cohort 10  and the SFI year 1 students successfully present their project proposals to the ‘Dragons’ at the CDT in Sustainable Chemistry annual event, which took place 20-21 June 2024 at Breadsall Priory in Derbyshire.

As a part of their CDT training, first year students are tasked with developing their own research project ideas, writing a project proposal and pitching the proposal to a panel of ‘Dragons’ at the CDT annual Dragons’ Den event.  This year’s panel of Dragons included academics from Chemistry, Biosciences, Engineering and Physics as well as representatives from industry (GSK, Lubrizol, Unilever, Promethean particles, Sygnature and AZ) and students from other CDT Cohorts.

The 'dragons' were tasked with challenging the presentations, providing helpful feedback and suggestions, they also considered students’ ability to ‘think on their feet’ by dealing with a wide range of questions from 'dragons' from different disciplinary backgrounds. 

Well done to all our students who took part!

The students have now joined their lab groups and have started working on their research projects.


Photograph abover shows cohort 10 and SFI year 1 students with thier supervisors at Dragons Den 2024