CDT Students at the EBNet ECR Conference: Shaping a Sustainable Future

31 Oct 2023

From August 30th to September 1st, CDT Students from the BeAST theme; Bhumija Gautam and Selin Palali from Cohort 9, showcased their research at the 5th annual Environmental Biotechnology Network (EBNet) Early Career Researcher (ECR) conference at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh.

EBNet is a catalyst for knowledge exchange in Environmental Biotechnology. Bringing together academics from around the country to discuss and share knowledge. EBnet focuses on leveraging microbial technologies to protect our environment, remediate pollution, and champion sustainable energy and resources.

The event was kicked off with profound reflections by Prof. Mike Manfield of the University of South Wales, Australia, with the topic “Choosing your own adventure with transferable academic skills”. Over two days, attendees were immersed in rigorous discussions, spanning themes from sustainable processes to waste resource recovery, all underscored by the urgency of environmental conservation.

The poster sessions were hotbeds for discussions. Students shared groundbreaking research that promises to redefine environmental biotech's frontiers. Beyond academic exchange, the moments over refreshments at the JW2 Lounge and the three-course dinner underlined the importance of networking and collaborative action in our shared pursuit of a greener planet.

The conference ended with presentations and poster awards, followed by closing remarks by Prof. Tony Gutierrez from Heriot-Watt University. The attendees came together for one final time with a group photo before everyone headed home after an action-packed two days.

In essence, the EBNet conference was more than an academic gathering. It was a clarion call, illuminating the path towards sustainable advancements, fostering unity, and reiterating the environmental imperatives of our times.