Eating sustainably: It’s complicated…

09 Sep 2021

Climate change is one of, if not the biggest challenge we all currently face. It can be difficult and confusing to know how best to limit our individual impact on climate change and lead a more sustainable lifestyle. A mindful diet potentially represents the easiest and most accessible way to make a difference but what does a sustainable diet actually look like in practice?

A group of CDT students organised and delivered an online webinar entitled “Eating Sustainably-It’s not simple. The webinar explored the impact that production of different foods have on the climate change, greenhouse emissions associated with transported food versus growing fruit and vegetables in the best climate conditions and ways of limiting individual impact on climate change.

The event hosted three food sustainability specialists Julia Davies (Nottingham Trent University), who gave a global food security perspective, Hannah Ford (University of Nottingham), who focuses on public approach to sustainable eating and Angelina Frankowska (University of Manchester), whose expertise lays in sustainable foods and food groups.

The event attracted an audience of 70, including the members of the general public as well as staff and students from the University of Nottingham and featured a lively debate on all aspects of food sustainability.